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RugMasters of Durango

A hand-woven wool rug can have hundreds of hours of artisan labor (and thousands of your dollars!) invested in it. But over time, dirt and sand sift deep into the pile of the rug, down to the founda- tion fibers. These particles are abrasive, like sandpaper – slowly grinding your rug away from within!

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You can bring your rugs to our Durango facility, or choose to have us come to your home. We’ll measure and inspect your rugs, inform you of any pre-existing conditions we find, and tell you up front what cleaning results you can expect and what your cleaning investment will be. Mention that you found us on the web, and we’ll give you 20% off any drop-off cleaning order when you pay at dropoff! We even offer pickup and delivery for a small additional fee! Preserve your precious works of art… call RugMasters of Durango today!

Jonathan and Mark were incredibly nice and the work done was so, so much better than any we’ve previously had done by other companies. We’ll only call you in the future and have already been telling friends of how great you are!

Laurie B.


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