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How To Keep Your Fine Rugs So Beautiful, You’ll Hand Them Down to Your Children!

Your fine woven rugs are truly works of art…here’s how to keep them lustrous, vibrant and beautiful for years to come!

1. Vacuum Frequently, and, if possible, flip them occasionally and use a good beater-brush vacuum on the back, then the front again to help dislodge and remove some of the deep soil.

2. Rotate the rug every 6-12 months so it wears and fades evenly.

3. Ask us for a FREE bottle of WoolSafe Spotter or use Club Soda as an emergency spot remover. Avoid all “grocery shelf” spotters (even if “wool” is in the name). Many of these will bleach or discolor your wool rug permanently!

4. Have your rug professionally cleaned by an IICRC Certified In-Plant Cleaner every 1-3 years depending on traffic, to remove damaging deep soil, unsightly stains and health-threatening allergens, keeping it bright, soft and beautiful for many years!

Spot Removal Guide for Wool Rugs

Always check first for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. If the dyes show signs of bleeding, contact a professional rug cleaner for further assistance!

1. Scrape up any solids, working from the outside in.

2. Blot up liquids – take a clean, folded absorbent terry towel and press down or stand on it. You’ll be surprised how much liquid just wicks right up into the towel.

3. Apply a safe spot remover. You can call us at 385-5777 in the Durango area for a bottle of our professional Woolsafe spotter or use club soda, as I do in the video. Let it penetrate, then blot it up. Don’t scrub with a stiff brush, as it may damage the fibers (the carpet or rug will tend to “fuzz up”) and wipe gently or use a soft brush if you need to remove more solids. If it’s a liquid spill, all you need is blotting – rubbing will only work the spill in deeper! NOTE: for pet urine, use one cup of water mixed with one half-cup of vinegar as your spot remover. Consider a professional cleaning and deodorization if the spot is large or persists after drying. Urine can be very damaging to the dyes and fibers if allowed to dry and stay in the rug.

4. Rinse – pour a cup of plain water, with two capfuls of vinegar added, on the spot, and blot it out thoroughly. This helps prevent residue, especially from inferior “grocery store” spot removers, that can cause “re-appearing spots”. Turn the towel to a fresh clean side and continue blotting and turning, or changing towels, until you no longer get moisture transfer onto your towel.

This should remove most common spills from your rug or carpet. Of course, if you have an unusual situation such as pet staining or coffee stains, you may need professional help. Call 970-385-5777 to arrange pickup or to drop off or ship a rug to our Bodo Park Cleaning Studio, and we’ll professionally deep-clean your fine rugs like the works of art they are!

We were totally impressed, got some education and great service. Especially like theĀ ‘Green’ part.

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